In 12 days through each of the 7 Emirates. Started at the 23.12.2010 in Dubai, near the Emirates Towers.

Start was 8:30 at the 23.12.2010

We reported live about the run with pictures and much more. Stop by regularly.

23.12.2010 Today morning at 8:30 am. we started our charity run...

Well rested, fresh strengthened and equipped with all necessary running paraphernalia in any colors started our "7 Emirates Run ". Representatives of aid agencies "the little wings foundation" and "PCRF" as well as some friends and the press came to support Wendelin Lauxen.
Very encouraging: Gulfnews, a very famous newspaper, wrote a major report on the charity see the report klick here

The first day is done!

After running 63 km from Emirates Towers Boulevard through Sharjah and Ajman we arrived in Umm al Quwain. Already through four Emirates on the first day!
Accommodation is the Hotel "Royal Residence", to support our charity run we got a reduced room rate.

24.12.2010... run goes on!

The second day, at Christmas, we finished after 35 km. From Umm Al Quwain to the "Al Hamra Fort" Hotel near Ras Al Khaimah, where we met very helpful and very friendly staff. There is also a great program for the guests for Christmas, so you feel almost like home ... Missing only the snow, the sun and the pool is a little unusual.

25.12.2010 - The 3rd day, the 5th Emirate

Further 42 km behind us. Starting at "Al Hamra Fort" Hotel passing the Emirates Club RAK up to "Khatt Springs Hotel", which deserves special thanks. Also here the staff was very friendly and helpful. In particular is to say that for accommodation in support of the fundraising campagne a special discount was made. Not just that. Our handouts and large advertisements were erected. On our way we were supported by unexpected spectators, as the nice camel on the picture. Lachend

26.12.10 Let’s see where we are today

An extensive strengthening after further 45 km from "Khatt Springs Hotel" up to 5 km behind Al Manama near Fujairah. This time the day ends with a slightly different, chaotic night. There are no hotels in this area, so the accommodation called "Toyota Corolla". Cheerful mainly fit for the next day and further challenges.

27.12.10 Further toward the 6th Emirate (Fujairah)

Now our goal is more 52 km closer. We run through the big marketplace before Masafi up to Fujairah, our 6th Emirate in just five days. The weather plays a little crazy today. Here the sun is shining, there it rains ... despite everything, we arrive at the "Hilton". A beautiful hotel close to the beach. Also here we get a special discount to support our charity run and they help us to promote our event with handouts.

28.12.10 starting at Fujairah through Kalba and Khor Kalba to Munay

This morning on the 6th day we continued from Fujairah at the "Hilton" Hotel running through Kalba and Khor Kalba and finished at Munay, a very nice route to run with plenty of variety, total 55,5 km. There is no Hotel, but unfortunately we find some nice people who offer us an accommodation. It is nice to see how open and helpful the people are here

29.12.10 There is so much sand that you can't see the desert


57 km further through the desert to Madam, it is very fascinating to see how many different sides this country has. Once skyscrapers alongside skyscrapers and a bit further as far as the eye looks just sand ... The night today again at the "Toyota Corolla", despite the many kilometers in the short time the body feels good and keeps strong.

30.12.10 from Madam to Margham

Today for a change there were not so many kilometers, "only" 43 ... Very popular in the United Arab Emirates, trained falcons to possess and let them fly in the wilderness. Again, our Hotel today "Toyota Corolla"

31.12.10 after 9 days and 434,5 km a nice New Year's Eve hotel


Further 42 km from Margham through Al Lisaili to the "Bab Al Shams" Hotel. Today, after nine days and 434,5 km, we have a very nice Hotel and a comfortable bed with private bath and delicious Restaurants for New Year's Eve. It feels good to be able to sleep properly after the last few nights in a car ...

01.01.11 Happy new year!


We wish everyone a happy new year. Today we run from the "Bab Al Shams" hotel through dry areas of desert to the turn direction Al Shama, 44,3 km. The boy at the photo and his father had watched our race the last days. Because we started later than usual today, it was already dark outside when we finished, we slept in the car again.

02.01.11 Reached more than 500 km today!


Today we run further from nearby Al Shama through Al Rahba and Shamaha, passing Yas Island to Al Raha. Here we could refueling strength for the next and last day of our charity run in a nice hotel again . When we arrived at the "Al Raha Beach" hotel, we have more 62,5 km behind us.


Until now we totally run 540 km within the last 11 days. 

03.01.11 reached the goal!!!

Today the 3rd january 2011 after running 573,5 km on 12 days we finished at Abu Dhabi near the Emirates Palace Hotel. Totally happy we were received by friends, fans and the press. The total running time is 81 houres and 53 Minutes, that means daily in the average 47,8 km in 6 h 47 min. Gulfnews wrote a major report again .
to see the report klick here