The 7ER is not a competition nor a race. We run for the pure joy of running, to promote a healthy lifestyle and to raise awareness for children who we want to support by raising funds.

Never the less we have given ourselves some very basic ground-rules for the Run, 

  1. For the entire duration of the Run (18.11. – 24.11.2017) we will not use any other mode of transportation than our own two feet. Even for day to day chores we opt not to use a car, bicycle, public transport etc.  Emergencies or situation of threat will obviously be an exception
  2. We have gauged that we will need around 12 hrs on our longest day; but this is the limit for any day during the Run. We are not allowing ourselves to need more than 12 hrs on any given day
  3. We will not have rest days; we will be running the route on consecutive days
  4. We will spread the joy of running; there will be situations when we feel pain and doubt – we will smile these doubts away :-)