2014 - Relay Team

The Desert Dames are an all-ladies team  participating as a relay in the 7Emirates Run.

Mona Lemp

Mona is an English-trained lawyer who transferred to Dubai from London with work. Her law firm initially sent her out for 6 months – 3.5 years ago!

As a dual-national (American and German), who grew up in Jordan, Germany, Switzerland and Canada, Dubai’s expatriate environment has been a good fit for Mona.

Since moving to Dubai she joined the Creek Striders and Dubai Trail Runners, with a more recent interest in triathlons. She loves the supportive spirit of group runs and is always keen to run for a good cause.

Elizabeth Driver

As a newbie to the UAE in 1983 Elizabeth joined Sharjah Wanderers Sport club and continued her passion for playing hockey. After many years of shin bashing and with the excuse of a bad back, Elizabeth’s sporting interest turned towards the running scene. Although way back then there were not the number of running clubs to support new runners as there are today, in fact only the Desert Hash House Harriers featured on the list, Elizabeth gainfully  signed up for her first 10K , the very first Terri-Fox Run in Dubai. Finishing with a big smile the running bug had struck! Next, a friend’s challenge of “I’ve Run 10 London Marathons” set the seal. Elizabeth went on to run her own 10 London’s and more. 

Today Elizabeth has chalked up 21 international marathons, and with the courtesy of the local running scene, add numerous half’s, 10’s and the odd 5’s thrown in for good luck.

After joining the Dubai Trail Runners this year Elizabeth completed her first 100K ultra-marathon and now has her signs set on a solo run for Wadi B and has several other international ultras in the pipe line.

Elizabeth’s final goal is to make the Guinness Book of Records for the oldest female Marathon runner. With many years to go before that goal can be reached Elizabeth can be seen plodding with her dogs every morning around Al Barsha 2 and training with the DTR on the weekends.  Elizabeth believes “there is a runner inside everyone” and with a big smile encourages you all to “ get up, get those running shoes on and hit the road”. BELIEVE!  

Clare Mullenger

Clare is distance runner and outdoor sports enthusiast who initially took up running to lose weight over 15 years ago.  She has run 41 marathons and ultras in over 15 different countries. Clare works as a management consultant in Dubai and spends her free time running with Dubai’s running clubs and exploring the beautiful Wadis and trails around the UAE.  

Through running Clare has met inspirational people, made lifelong friends, seen breathtaking sights and had amazing adventures. Her aim is to continue to put one foot in front of the other and explore the world and hopefully, along the way, inspire a few others to do the same, and above all, go out and enjoy their run. 

Deirdre O’Leary


Dee is a Canadian from Nova Scotia, who has loved running from a young age, as a great way to train for other sports, see new places and spend time with teammates and friends.

With young twin boys and a cricket-obsessed English husband at home, suddenly taking up long-distance running around the UAE seemed a great idea!

At the end of 2013 she realized a dream with the first 7 Emirates Run, for a cause she’s passionate about (for children who can’t walk, to get back on their feet) and the opportunity to visit the beautiful UAE and see its nature in a unique way. The people she met along the way were so hospitable – she can’t wait to run again with the 7ER Desert Dames team and everyone else who is inspired to join us!

Shawn McRae

United States

Ever since she was a young child, Shawn has enjoyed an active lifestyle. Fortune has allowed her to travel the world, and she has used her time abroad to raise money for the betterment of the local communities in which she has been part. Her first adventure began in 2005 when she ran the Walt Disney World Marathon to raise money for the American Stroke Association.

She continued to participate in other races, including 10k, half marathon, marathon, and ultra-marathon races in foreign countries, such as South Korea, Thailand, Egypt, Finland, and most recently her new home, the UAE.Another profound adventure was in 2011 when she joined two friends in the Rickshaw Run, a 3,500km excursion that allowed competitors to drive a tuk-tuk fortwo weeks from Cochin to Shillong, India in order to raise money for International Rescue Corps and Social Change and Development.

Shawn is excited to participate in the 7 Emirates Run, as she believes that everyone should be able to experience the joys of walking and running. There is so much to see in the world, so why not give others the opportunity to experience it?!

Carla Duarte

Portuguese / South African

Carla has lived in Dubai for 16 years and works as a marketing and communications specialist for our charity partner Al Jalila Foundation. Of Portuguese origin, she was born in Angola and grew up in South Africa.

She enjoys yoga, trekking, scuba diving, cycling – and more recently, running. Having taken up running as a personal challenge almost two years ago, she completed her first marathon (Dubai Marathon) on 24 January 2014. Carla credits the Dubai Creek Striders for her running passion. Over the past year she has met many inspirational people who have taught her that there is always someone ahead of the pack and someone at the back; her mission is to be somewhere in between enjoying the run. And if she is able to inspire someone to get on board, even better!

With a newfound love for running, she plans to literally get on her feet to help raise funds for those in need.